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Leicestershire Darts Organisation
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with the British
Darts Organisation
Est. 1976
Our mission statement? Our aim has always been, and always will be, to support players to achieve their best
possible standard culminating in representing Leicestershire in the British Inter-County Championships (BICC),
whilst also encouraging up and coming players.  We endeavour to promote all that is good in the art of Darts
within Leicestershire.
The Leicestershire Darts Organisation was established in
1976 as a full member of the British Darts Organisation
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Leicestershire vs Montgomery & Radnot

Match played on 20th-21st January 2018
Venue: Enderby & District Social Club, 22-26 Coleridge Drive, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4QF

Match Result

Leicestershire 16 - 20 Montgomery & Radnor

Mens A 5 - 7 (25.00) MoM Jason Lole 29.90 Mens A Match Stats
Ladies A 2 - 4 (13.97) LoM Liz Brunt 16.15 Ladies A Match Stats
Mens B 5 - 7 (22.22) MoM Steve Liddell 27.38 Mens B Match Stats
Ladies B 4 - 2 (14.65) LoM Angela Wright 17.08 Ladies B Match Stats

Mens A
Charlie Abbott, Derek Allsopp, Si Almey, Curtis Bagley, Martin Edwards, Michael Feasey,
Andy Hibbert, Jason Lole, David Parkinson, Stephen Smith, Darren Tyler, Rick Varney

Ladies A
Mandy Blaney, Julie Booth, Liz Brunt, Mary Daniel, Teek Newberry, Kirsty White

Mens B
Wayne Beaumont, Carl Charnock, Dan Cox, Gary Garton, Daniel Humphries, Steve Liddell,
Stephen Marlow, Leigh Peet, Mike Sciepanow, Michael Sheahan, Paul Soden, Peter Wills

Ladies B
Melanie Bell, Krissie Long, Angie Sheffield, Hayley Trigg, Kelly Welsh, Angela Wright